Trust a Professional Public Adjuster for Your Claims Needs

When you enlist the assistance of seasoned claims adjusters, you get the right kind of support that can get you just and fair results. Our company offers in-depth industry familiarity, negotiation skills, and the expertise of specialists in the field of insurance.

Extensive Experience

Having a combined 31 years of experience, our experts have been able to successfully handle claims adjustment cases surrounded by very diverse circumstances. Together, we are trusted advisors at Alamo Public Adjusters, the dedicated company advocating for your rights as a policyholder for more than 16 years.

Expert Witness

Trust only practiced specialists for your commercial insurance claims. We provide our unbiased and professional outlooks on the matters surrounding your case, so that you can get nothing less than just and fair results.


Strong Credentials

Our company takes great pride in being holders of the Xactimate 28 Certification Level 2, a certification that has been only granted to no more than 3,500 specialists worldwide. This verifies our mastery of the essential frameworks that are useful to our work as claims adjusters.

Serving a Growing Network

Working as a referral-based business, our company strives to deliver quality service for you and every one of our new and returning clients. We always aim to maintain consistency in our work, provide impressive services, and promising results so we can continue to grow our list of clientele.